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在 MATLAB® 和 Simulink® 中高效地表示、组合和分析具有稀疏数据的大型状态空间模型。使用稀疏表示是理想和高效的做法,因为大型模型的稠密模型表示不仅计算成本相当高,还可能导致执行时间非常长。有关详细信息,请参阅稀疏矩阵的计算优点


  • 使用稀疏模型执行时域和频域响应分析

  • 指定稀疏模型之间以及与其他 LTI 模型的基于信号的连接

  • 指定稀疏模型组件之间的物理耦合

  • 在连续时间和离散时间表示之间变换稀疏模型

  • 当您的 Simulink 模型具有 Descriptor State-Space (Simulink)Sparse Second Order 模块时,使用 linearize (Simulink Control Design) 函数将其线性化为稀疏模型

  • 使用 linearize (Partial Differential Equation Toolbox) 函数将结构性或热 PDE 模型线性化为稀疏模型

有关稀疏模型和可用功能的更多详细信息,请参阅Sparse Model Basics



sparssSparse first-order state-space model (自 R2020b 起)
mechssSparse second-order state-space model (自 R2020b 起)
getx0Map initial conditions from a mechss object to a sparss object (自 R2020b 起)
fullConvert sparse models to dense storage (自 R2020b 起)
imp2expConvert implicit linear relationship to explicit input-output relation
invInvert dynamic system models
getDelayModelState-space representation of internal delays
findopCompute operating condition from specifications (自 R2023b 起)
fixInput Fix value of some inputs and delete them (自 R2024a 起)
sparssdataAccess first-order sparse state-space model data (自 R2020b 起)
mechssdataAccess second-order sparse state-space model data (自 R2020b 起)
showStateInfoState vector map for sparse model (自 R2020b 起)
spyVisualize sparsity pattern of a sparse model (自 R2020b 起)
stepStep response of dynamic system
impulseImpulse response plot of dynamic system; impulse response data
initialSystem response to initial states of state-space model
lsimPlot simulated time response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs; simulated response data
nyquistNyquist plot of frequency response
nicholsNichols chart of frequency response
sigmaSingular value plot of dynamic system
passiveplotCompute or plot passivity index as function of frequency
dcgainLTI 系统的低频 (DC) 增益
evalfrEvaluate system response at specific frequency
freqrespEvaluate system response over a grid of frequencies
interfaceSpecify physical connections between components of mechss model (自 R2020b 起)
xsortSort states based on state partition (自 R2020b 起)
appendGroup models by appending their inputs and outputs
connectBlock diagram interconnections of dynamic systems
lftGeneralized feedback interconnection of two models (Redheffer star product)
linearizeLinear approximation of Simulink model or subsystem
linearizeOptionsSet linearization options
linioSimulink 模型、Linear Analysis Plots 模块或 Model Verification 模块创建线性分析点
linearizeLinearize structural or thermal model (自 R2021b 起)
linearizeInputSpecify inputs to linearized model (自 R2021b 起)
linearizeOutputSpecify outputs of linearized model (自 R2021b 起)


Descriptor State-SpaceModel linear implicit systems
Sparse Second OrderRepresent sparse second-order models in Simulink (自 R2020b 起)